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Welcome to Fayette County!

Fayette boasts a variety of film locations to bring your story to life including corporate campuses, historic landmarks, and recreational and cultural settings.

Film Fayette can assist your entertainment production with the following:

  • Location requests
  • Serving as a liaison production company and city and county governments
  • Listing local businesses and residences as film locations

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Fayette’s urban and rural settings are ideal for your next project.

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The Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office is pleased to offer Reel-Crew™, a searchable, online directory of crew and support services, at no charge.

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Film Office is happy to assist in connecting productions with each issuing municipality. Permits are required for any production activity which will have an impact on public property In Fayette County.


Fayette’s urban and rural settings are ideal for your next project.

Movies are made here.

Fayette County is home to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the second largest purpose-built studio complex in North America, where Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Passengers were filmed.

Recreation and culture abound.

Fayette offers lakes, natural areas, over 90 miles of golf cart paths, four golf courses, an award-winning Tennis Center, a BMX track, and two amphitheaters.

Roots run deep.

Founded in 1821, Fayette County features beautiful historic locations like Starr’s Mill and the old Fayette County courthouse.

For additional locations,

Visit the Georgia Film Office internal location database (Reel Scout) or contact Film Fayette Locations Coordinator Melissa Hill at mhill@fayettega.org.